The BMW S55 engine is a potential tuning platform from which it is possible to extract even more power and torque than stock. The potential of a car depends very much on the components used. With the help of MHD Flasher, adjustments can be made remotely based on the datalogs taken by the customer. The MHD allows you to change maps while driving with the steering wheel buttons (F-series). At the same time, a flex fuel tune can be made if only the necessary components are installed such as an ethanol sensor. MHD also offers an antilag feature.

With stock components the engine is able to make +580hp readings, especially if ethanol is mixed with petrol. With ethanol, the injectors start to get small when you go over 600hp and use just E85 fuel. We also do calibrations to the M5 EU5 injectors, which give more headroom for increased power requirements.